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Since 2009, Progenitec has developed several imaging probes for in vivo optical imaging. DETEC® imaging probes are designed to provide sensitive detection and quantification of a variety of cell and tissue responses, specifically in the area of stem cell therapy, inflammation, fibrosis, infection, coagulation and cancer research.  These probes are developed to provide near-infrared fluorescence and bioluminescence which are the two most sensitive in vivo imaging modalities in the market. DETEC® imaging probes enable researchers to identify cell migration mechanisms, disease pathways, evaluate efficacy of drug compounds and treatments, and monitor the effect of various treatments on disease progression in living animals - making in vitro to in vivo translational research a reality.


             DETEC ® Folic  Inflammation probe is a fluorescence reagent for monitoring Inflammation.     

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In addition to these innovative imaging probes, Progenitec is also in the process of developing handheld or mobile Imagers for the detection of near-infrared fluorescence and bioluminescence signals in human.

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